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hello humans is on a mission to make the digital world more human, one experience at a time.

Whatever the next big technology will be, it’s our creativity and talent that will bring the emotion and connect brands with people.

our humans

Niamh O'Kennedy
Niamh O'Kennedy Managing Director
Martina Danevska
Martina Danevska Project Director
Julie Morand
Julie Morand UX/UI Designer
Siobhan O'Connor
Siobhan O'Connor Digital and Content Specialist
Sajjad Hashemian
Sajjad Hashemian Front End Developer
Antoine Wodniack
Antoine Wodniack Creative Technology Director
Flávio Carvalho
Flávio Carvalho UX/UI Designer
Stephen O'Neill
Stephen O'Neill UX/UI Designer
Vaida Sakalauskaite
Vaida Sakalauskaite Front End Developer
Lautaro Parra Caballero
Lautaro Parra Caballero SEO & Data Specialist

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